500 YEARS OF HATE (ongoing)

She went to an apartment viewing but was not let in. Guards follow her in markets when she is shopping, and she lies to her daughter, telling her that it’s only “because they like us so much”.

Finland: The best place to live. The most stable country. The most equal country. The worlds most literate nation. But only if you happen to be the right kind of person.

Finnish Roma have been stigmatized and discriminated for the whole 500 years of history that they have existed in this land we now call Finland. Generations after generations have grown up to face different shapes of humiliation. Robbers and thieves, troublemakers; this is the only story I remember was ever told of them.

In 1917, when Finland got independent, Finnish Roma were given full citizenship. Though the 10 000 people minority has left their vagabond lifestyle decades ago and is living as whoever Finns, there is still a huge psychical gap separating them and the so called main population. The lack of interaction between people allows all the preconceptions continue spreading and therefore causing pain.

(This is an ongoing project, Finland 2016-)