Finn Church Aid (FCA) supports the development of learner-centered pedagogics in the teacher training programmes in Eritrea. FCA work together with the Eritrean education leaders to support interactive learning and teaching, to adapt best practices and support peer learning and tutoring.

role: videography, audio, editing || Eritrea 2017

Red Cross

In the spring 2014 Sierra Leone, a small West-African coastal country, was hit by a catastrophe among its neighbours. It was in the news all-around the world. Ebola.

It crossed the borders from Guinea to Sierra Leone. Towards autumn, it started to look like the spreading of the virus was about to spiral out of control. There was urgent need for action. International help was deployed to the country. Local operators bent over backwards. Sierra Leone Red Cross started to recruit people to join the battle, where the enemy was invisible but surely fatal. Any volunteers? Yes. Thousands.

role: interviews, co-editor || Sierra Leone 2016

National Geographic

Although the climbing industry has taken a heavy toll on Sherpa families, it has also brought income and opportunity. Sherpas talk about why they risk such danger—such as the avalanche on Mount Everest that killed 16 expedition workers on April 18, 2014—to help climbers summit difficult peaks.

role: videography, audio || Nepal 2014